The Dank Position

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PokerNews has some excellent coverage of the WSOP, just like in years past.  But I noticed something that really rang a bell with me tonight while keeping up on the final table of the HORSE tournament that Lana ran deep in .


Dank Position

Yep, that’s right.  “Dank Position” is now an official part of the poker vernacular.  As co-host of BuddyDank Radio, I feel proud that a little bit of our drunken dialog has become mainstream, but at the same time, I have a feeling that this may be the “jump the shark” moment for this phrase.  How long is it before “Dank Position” goes down as this years “BOOOOOOM”, and fades away into the sunset as yet another crafty poker term that has run it’s course.

For Buddy, I’m sure he’s putting the barrel in his mouth right now, and has his finger on the trigger now that his name is forever associated with last place in a forum much greater than the poker blogger community.

However it turns out, thanks F-Train for the shout out to us at BuddyDank Radio.

MSOP HORSE, running goot…

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MSOP #21

MSOP payouts

I know, a 24th place finish isn’t really something to write home about, but it was for a nice hunk of cash (by my standards).  Plus outlasting that many terrible players is a pretty good accomplishment

Played top notch in this thing, my HORSE game is really working right now.  Caught some pretty good cards in the 2nd hour in Razz and Stud to take me to a top 10 stack, and I pretty much stayed in the top 50 the rest of the tourney.

Used the right balance of patience and aggression up until the very end.

It helped that I was getting big hands that held up.  It also helped that there’s a lot of folks out there that like to play for half the pot at best, and chase low draws with no high hand whatsoever.

This was also a huge help for me.

Straight Flush

Thanks to all the people who were railing me.  Nice to have a few people in your corner pulling for you.  Too many to mention, but there were quite a few over the course of the evening.

The real money to be made on this MSOP thing is in the sats.  They are just SOOOOOOO soft. Of course that money is given to you in T dollars, but that can be coverted to real money for a small fee I think.  I made a nice hunk of change just playing the sats to this tourney, and I plan on playing a bunch of sats for the upcoming mixed game MSOP events as well.

Mookie tonight.  Back to no-limit for one tourney I guess.

The Dookie is off tonight.  FTP has been messing with it, and it didn’t get created this week.  Just as well, I think the Dook needed a week of summer vacation.

Since there’s no Dookie, it’s place will be taken by the nightly $5 HORSE tourney on FTP that goes off at 10:45 cst. Come play donkey HORSE with me.

Mookie Facts

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Last night, The Mookie had 25 runners.  The last time The Mookie had that few entrants was on Christmas Eve, 2008, with a mere 15 entrants (presumably Jewish or Muslim).

Prior to that, and I only have records back to 12/13/2006, there has never been a smaller field.

BBT Burnout is definitely a factor, but it’s never been this bad.

What is happening to my home game?

Tonight, A Very Special Dookie

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So last week, during The Dookie, ScottMC started piping up about how The Dookie had run it’s course, and needed to be put out to pasture…blah blah blah…

I told Scotty that if I won The Dookie that night, I’d let him choose the following week’s game, format, and buy in for The Dook.  Now, I was pretty short stacked at the time, but put a hurting on the table from that point on, and of course, won the thing.

So Scotty gets his wish.

So tonight, on a very special episode of Blossom The Dookie,  I present you with…


$5 buy in, one $5 rebuy, one $5 add-on.  Yep, that’s Scotty’s choice.

Of course, it remains to be seen if anyone is gonna play anything here in the first week sans BBT in quite some time.

This weeks regularly scheduled HORSE game will be moved to next week.

Muffin, Muffin, Muffin

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I was ready to hang it up, call it a day as a poker player.  I withdrew a bunch a little while back because the bills had to be paid.  I did leave myself with just a little bit to play with.

Well, I dropped about half of that little bit into one tournament tonight, and did OK.



Seriously, I don’t even play this tourney that much, and I’m soooooooo in the black on it.

Now that the BBT is over, I’m sure I’ll be winning Mookies and Skills Games left and right……that’s what I do.  My only wish is that every blogger tourney can become a Horse game.


I wanna dance…


And of course….


Reproducing little ones…it’s awesome…

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A couple of weeks ago, I participated in the Arthritis Walk here in Des Moines.  My mom has a team, she suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, so this is a no-brainer every year, although I start to wonder if all of the walks for various diseases actually mean anything.  Whatever, it’s a good cause, and money needs to be raised to find remedies to this stuff.

So this picture showed up on the site for it, a few weeks later, and it’s just……well, I want to share with you all.

Me and my boy.  I actually don’t remember this moment, but I have many other moments stuffed in my head that probably outrank this one.  Procreating….it’s a good thing.

Numb Jr. with Daddy

Dookie Leaderboard

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This weeks Dookie was taken down by…well, me.  So I guess I maintain my stronghold on the top spot.

In much more interesting news, I made a prop bet with ScottyMC that if I could take down the Dook, I’d let him pick the game/buyin for next week.

Now, this bet was made with around five people to go in the Dook, and with me nursing a short stack.

I made good, and won it, now Scotty has control of the Dookie next week.  Stay tuned to see what he has in mind.

In other news, I’m hoping to sneak into the top 20 on the BBT4 leaderboard, which would give me enough FTP points to grab a sweet I-Pod Touch (the jersey is paid off with 25,000 FTP points).

That would be an awesome reward for playing just shitty enough to make the top 20.

And yes, my play. well not necessarily my play, but the game in general, has been shitty to me these days.  I’m letting beats get to me, though not immediately, I just kind of let it build up and weigh on me.

A little break from the game is needed.

Here’s your Top Five on the Dookie Leaderboard, click through for the entire leaderboard.

The Dookie Leaderboard

How I run these days

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This is pretty representative of how I run right now.

running cold

Wow, yet another Dookie Leaderboard Update

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This one is fresh baby.  Click through for the full leaderboard.

Congrats to LJ for taking it down this week, as well as earning her TOC seat.

Dookie Leaders

Dookie Leaderboard Updated

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Finally got around to getting this thing back up to date through the 5/13 results.  Here’s your top five, click through for the entire Dookie Leaderboard.

Dookie Leaders