A Pretty Decent Evening

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Made another deep run in that $5 Donkey Horse Tournament.  Couldn’t seal the deal headsup though, thanks to some pretty shitty play on my part.


Also made a nice run in the $11.5K last night.  I don’t do token tourneys too often, so this was nice.  Went out when AK spiked an ace on the river vs. my 99.



Awakening the 80’s child in me

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I finally watched the movie Control a couple of weeks ago, and go figure, it sent me on a quest to rediscover Joy Division and New Order.

I consider this to be one of the greatest songs ever written.


But my favorite Joy Division/New Order song is Temptation, by a mile…

The NewYorkRambler Poker Series

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Great guy, and friend of BuddyDank Radio, NYRambler, will be hosting the Second NewYorkRambler Poker Series.

This looks pretty good to me.  I’m loving the variety of games, and it should be a hell of a lot of fun.

Here’s the event lineup.

Event #1: December 1, $11 NLH
Event #2: December 8, $11 PLO 6-handed
Event #3: December 15, $11 PLO
Event #4: December 22, $11 PLH
Event #5: December 29, $11 HOSE
Event #6: January 5, Turbo Dime Rebuy PLO
Event #7: January 12, $11 Heads-Up NLH (Free Byes)
Event #8: January 19, $11 PL HA
Event #9: January 26, $11 HORSE
Event #10: February 2, $5 Cubed NLH (Cubed = 1 Rebuy, 1 Add-on)
Event #11: February 9, $11 NLH 6-handed
Event #12: February 16, $11 Heads-Up PLO (Free Byes)
Event #13: February 23, $11 Limit Hold ’em
Event #14: March 2, $11 PLO8
Event #15: March 9, $11 Mixed Hold ’em
Event #16: March 16, Dime Rebuy NLH
Event #17: March 23, $26 NLH Knockout
Event #18: March 30, $33 NLH Main Event (5000 Starting Chips)

There will be some bonuses as well.

* $50 bonus to the winner of the Leaderboard
* Token Freeroll for the TOC (First gets $75, Second $26)

BuddyDank Radio will be covering this series.  Should be fun.  Come out and play everyone.

OK, I’ll call

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I call...

For the record, he did have the Ace of Spades.

Tonight on BuddyDank Radio

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We’re not sure if it will happen yet, but it’s looking good…

Tonight on BuddyDank Radio……


And maybe also……


A Girl Just for BuddyDank

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A match made in heaven…

BuddyDank's Girl

Featuring Shooter McGavin

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This movie speaks to me on a number of different levels.

A HORSE Bonus From Last Friday

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As I mentioned, I took down the Donkament last Friday, with muhctim taking second.  But there was much more to our Friday evening than this.

While heads up, and his stack around 100K, and mine around 70K, I asked muhctim if I should play the nightly 10:45 HORSE tournament (in which I’ve had tremendous success), he immediately responded by asking when it started.  So we both entered it.

The Donkament ended about 15 minutes after the HORSE tourney started, but during that time, muhctim asked me if I wanted to chop the 1/2 money.  I thought about it, as he held about a 100K to 70K advantage over me at that time, but ultimately refused.  I really wanted to earn a Donkament title on my own.  I was fortunate enough to win the thing eventually, and then we both focused on the HORSE tourney.

Well, waddayanknow, we both not only final tabled it, but nearly had a repeat of our Donakament results, with him finishing third, and myself taking the runner-up spot out of 161 runners, which was about twice the size of the fields of my previous HORSE wins in this tournament.

Not a bad night.  Hard to believe that just a week earlier I’d allowed the roll to slip to just under $5, and now it’s up over $400.  No reload for me thank you.



Kat’s Donkament – Finally a Victory

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Just added another feather in my bloggerment cap.  I know, it’s just a $1 rebuy bloggerment, but I’m still proud to take it down.

MATH – check
Skills Game – check
Mookie – check
Dookie – check
RiverChasers – check
and finally
Donkament – CHECK!!!




Highlight of the night…busting Waffles with The Hammer…All in preflop of course.


Saved by Zero…are you ready for more?

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The election is over.  I’m pleased with the results, my guy won.  But I’m very distressed about the future of commercials on television in a post-election world.

You all know that there were a hell of a lot of political advertisements on TV this year.  Nothing too unusual, it’s an election year…pretty standard stuff.

Here’s what you didn’t know.  The ONLY ad that was on TV over the course of the last month that wasn’t political was this one.


With the election in our rearview mirror now, we can only look forward to more of this fucking commercial on our airwaves.

I like The Fixx, but I never did like this song, and now it’s fucking drilled into my brain during every commercial break that I see.  I swear, I saw this commercial four times in 10 minutes during the Lions game on Sunday.

If I hear it again, I might obtain a red-hot poker, and seal my ears shut.