Running Late Tonight

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Since I’ve got people betting on me these days, I should let everyone know that I do plan on playing The Mookie tonight, but I may be a little late.

I have an MRI scheduled on my neck at 7:00.  I don’t know why it was scheduled for the evening, but hey, whenever they can get me in…

In late 2005 I had surgery to repair a herniated disk in my neck that was causing a great deal of pain for me.  In a nutshell, they replaced the disk with a piece of bone from a cadaver (creepy, I know), and fused the vertebrae together with a piece of titanium.  Problem corrected, right?

Fast forward 3 years, and I’m now experiencing much of the same pain that I had prior to the 2005 surgery.  I haven’t met with my neurosurgeon yet, that will come after the MRI results are in, but my family doctor seems to think it may be another herniated disk, and not a problem with what was corrected in 2005.  We’ll see.  Hopefully surgery won’t be necessary this time.  37 is too young to have one, let alone TWO back surgeries.

BTW, painkillers kick ass.

Oh, and Numb Jr. has strep throat as well.  Trust me, he’s not in the same mood today as he is in this picture.

Numb Junior

I do plan on playing tonight, but I may be late, depending on how long the MRI takes.

The Dookie is on as well, at 10:30 CST.  Back to NLHE this time, and we’ll see if I can maintain my lead on The Dookie Leaderboard.

The Dookie

Same Game, Different Site

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This is the second time I’ve played this tourney on Stars.  I really like the structure of this one as it moves a bit slower than the Full Tilt version (the 4K Guarantee).

3K Cash

Justifying a Jump

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I’m trying to evaluate if, when, and how I should make the jump to the $24 $4k guarantee HORSE tourney that runs nightly.  I decided to run some numbers on the nightly $5 HORSE tourney that I’ve had some success in to see if this jump is even warranted.  As it turns out, tonight’s tourney (which I didn’t make any noise in) was the 100th that I’ve played at the $5 level since May 1, 2008, when I first played it (I threw in the lone $10 HORSE tourney that I played for this analysis).

Here’s the results.  I’m a geek for stats, and I keep records on everything I play, so this was kinda fun.

Tourneys played – 100
Cashes – 17
Final Tables – 13
Top Three Finishes – 11
Average Finish Percentile – 35.91%
Wins – 4
2nds – 4
3rds – 3
Total Buyin Cost (including rake) – $555.50
Total Amount Cashed – $1,577.23
Profit – $1,021.73

What do you think?  Should I think about playing the $4K a little more.  I’ve played it a few times over the last six months, but with little success though.  I don’t think the level of play is a heck of a lot different that what you would see at the $5/$10 levels.  In fact, better opponents might be a +EV move for me in some respects.

Bankroll is the other factor.  Currently, I’m not at a point where I’ll simply buy in to the $26 tourney 3-4 times a week, I’ll need to do a little more token hunting, which is not a difficult task, but takes time.

Any thoughts, opinions, criticisms?

More 2-7 Lowball Fun

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We donk around in the micro-limit 2-7 lowball games because…well…it’s fun.

Was dealt this hand…and yes, I stood pat and raised every draw.  Easily worth the $1.20.

2-7 Straight Flush

2009 Dookie Stats

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I’ll be keeping a leaderboard for The Dookie for 2009.

The Dookie will be non-turbo NLHE, with the exception of the first Wednesday of each month, where it will be limit HORSE (turbo).


The NumbBlowMe Open – Part Deux

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Same as last time, but it’ll be a turbo this time.

I’ll be running this quarterly from this point forward, on the last Thursday of the month that it falls in.The NumbBlowMe Open

Save your dimes people

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The NumbBlowMe Open

More Bankroll to Manage Badly

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Made a nice showing tonight in Julius Goat’s Bad-Bankroll Management Tournament.  It was a pretty fun time.  I held true to my New Years Resolution to not go after anyone, even in jest (sometimes my sarcasm doesn’t come across like I intend), in the chat box after bad beats….no matter how badly I want to.

I laid a few beats on people during this thing, and got lambasted in the chat box (not to mention IM).

Anyways, I did the typical things a person does when they run deep in a tourney.  I played a number of hands quite well, and I played a couple of hands poorly and I sucked out on people.  It happens.

Congrats to TwoBlackAces for taking me down heads-up.  And I look forward to the next one.

And thanks to Julius Goat for throwing this thing together.  I think it’s a fantastic quarterly addition to the blogger tourney lineup.


“My wife would like that…”

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Rolled up in Razz…I’m Walkin’ Baby

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I know hand histories get tedious, but it’s not everyday you get a walk in razz, with rolled up kings.  And yes…I showed.


Full Tilt Poker Game #9809480329: $5 + $0.50 Tournament (74525988), Table 17 – 120/240 Ante 20 – Limit Razz – 1:05:39 ET – 2009/01/02
Seat 1: Jaggy42 (2,079)
Seat 3: lilika (2,647)
Seat 4: IrishGuinness14 (4,552)
Seat 5: something to do (4,595)
Seat 6: NumbBono (2,176)
Seat 7: jimw99 (2,077)
Seat 8: TylerRudy (5,618), is sitting out
Jaggy42 antes 20
lilika antes 20
IrishGuinness14 antes 20
something to do antes 20
NumbBono antes 20
jimw99 antes 20
TylerRudy antes 20
*** 3RD STREET ***
Dealt to Jaggy42 [4c]
Dealt to lilika [7h]
Dealt to IrishGuinness14 [Qh]
Dealt to something to do [Qc]
Dealt to NumbBono [Kh Kc] [Ks]
Dealt to jimw99 [4s]
Dealt to TylerRudy [As]
NumbBono is high with [Ks]
TylerRudy has returned
NumbBono brings in for 40
jimw99 folds
TylerRudy folds
Jaggy42 folds
lilika folds
IrishGuinness14 folds
something to do folds
Uncalled bet of 40 returned to NumbBono
NumbBono shows [Kh Kc Ks] three of a kind, Kings
NumbBono wins the pot (140)
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 140 | Rake 0
Seat 1: Jaggy42 folded on 3rd St.
Seat 3: lilika folded on 3rd St.
Seat 4: IrishGuinness14 folded on 3rd St.
Seat 5: something to do folded on 3rd St.
Seat 6: NumbBono collected (140)
Seat 7: jimw99 folded on 3rd St.
Seat 8: TylerRudy folded on 3rd St.