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Donkey Cash Game

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Taking place live from the NumbBlowMe Headquarters tonight.

Donkament action online as well.

Come pound some Keystones with us.  And be witness to the official payoff of one Box-O-Wine.

Donkey Raping is fun

What I think

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I think…

…I played poker last night

…I won something in The Dookie

…I drank Tequila, Boones, and many beers last night

…I lost track of time from 7:00 pm on

…live, in-person BDR is something everyone should experience

…Bob and Doug Mackenzie are geniuses

…Canadians are actually pretty cool people, despite their beady little eyes

Children of the Corn…Vegas

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Um, yeah, this is gonna be huge.  BuddyDank Radio will be presenting a very special broadcast this Wednesday.

For the very first time ever, all three of the hosts will be broadcasting not only from the same country, but from the same room.

Be sure to tune in for the madness.  The video feed is not to be missed.

Slumdog FortyDollarAire

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Yeah, I won something.  I guess I can win a LHE SnG every once in a while.

Seriously, It was nice to win a NYRPS title.  I heart winning, and playing this thing is like walking a minefield.

My first non SnG win in over a month (although it was only eight people), but here’s to a slumpbuster.

Ummmmmmmm….Wednesday….you better be tuning in…more to come.


Happy Birthday Molly

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Molly RingwaldToday marks the birthday of Molly Ringwald.  Forty one years old, and still looking pretty good. 


She was always a huge crush of mine growing up, and yes… I’d still hit that.

“I love them redheads…”






Don’t forget about The Mookie/Dookie tonight.  One week until the live show featuring Buddy, Joanada, and myself, live together, for the first time.  Of course Buddydank Radio will be on tonight for coverage and fun and games.

Mookie Dookie

Dookie Results/Leaders

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Congratulations to twoblackaces for taking down this week’s Dookie.

Here’s the top five on the leaderboard, click through for the complete list.

Dookie Leaders

Dookie Leaderboard Updated

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Here’s your Top Five, click through for the entire leaderboard.

Dookie Top Five

We need to talk about your TPS reports…

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Small, soft fields and I get along great.

Was entertaining watching Lucko try do his aggro thing with a huge (4x second place) stack at the final table, and fail miserably.  Go back to NLHE man.  It works there, but not so much in limit games.

This would be my second Skills Series win in a row (maybe 3-4 total now?).  I always win blogger tourneys when there’s no BBT on.

I gots Skillz baby

Rebuy Totals from The NumbBlowMe Open II

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Rnk Player Rebuys
1 NumbBono 92
1 nzgreen 92
3 NYRambler 84
4 worm96762005 74
5 joker845 73
6 lucko21 72
7 MemphisMojo 71
8 pvanharibo 70
9 twoblackaces 62
10 Baywolfe 53
11 sprstoner 50
12 columbo 49
13 BuddyDank 45
13 Joanne1111 45
15 APOSEC72 42
16 PinkyStinky 36
17 Pairdraw1964 35
18 scottc25 30
19 Schaubs 27
19 xkm1245 27
21 yestbay1 23
22 cgcpointledge 22
23 Astin 21
24 Flip74 20
24 loser64 20
26 AliasBoo 17
27 djhomeschool 15
27 Julius_Goat 15
29 muhctim 12
30 Fuel55 11
31 jimdniacc 9
32 budgetcoach 1
33 hawkglare 0
33 stemet 0
  Total 1315

The Best Moment of The Super Bowl

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The local Detroit NBC affiliate purposely placed a scroll on the screen when Matt Millen offered some pre-game comments.

This is awesome.