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From the Department of Weird Analogies

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Snipped from The Official Netflix Blog


Netflix shipped its one billionth DVD (a copy of "Babel") to a member in Helotes, Tex. in February 2007. It took eight years for Netflix to reach one billion shipments — less time than it took McDonald’s to sell one billion hamburgers — and just over two years to ship the second billion.


I say hamburgers are tastier though…

Since This Week is Already Strange…

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This is truly April Fools Week.  After seeing strange things like this…


And this…


I figured it’s time to have a little Super Turbo fun in the Dookie in honor of April Fools Day, since this has become the week where fools shine in Blogger Tournaments.

April Fools Dook

Get signed up bitches.

Dookie Leaderboard Updated

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A few weeks behind again due to limited access to my main PC, but we’re caught up again now.

Here’s the top five, click through for the entire leaderboard.

Dookie Leaderboard

This is what I do on Friday nights

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Win number eight in the last ten or so times I’ve played it.  Nice prize pool this time around.  I had all of $8 invested in this one.

Donkament Win

Next week is the two year anniversary of Kat’s Donkament.  All kinds of cool things are planned…bounties, radio broadcast, etc… Should be fun.

Five Dollar Donkey King

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Been running terrible these days.  My game is in the shitter.  BBT4 has kicked my ass, and I’m sleepwalking through tournaments these days, losing focus, and making terrible plays.

So I went back to the good ole’ standby, which I haven’t been playing much of these days…the 10:45 pm Five Dollar Donkey HORSE tournament.

After some meaningful and helpful words from muhctim at the start of the tournament, I did my thing.

$5 Donkey King

This makes win number six or seven in the last 9 months or so, with a ridiculous ROI in this thing.  Maybe I’ve found my place in this silly little online poker world.

Nice to have a little Mojo back again.

Dookie Leaderboard Updated

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It’s been a few weeks, but I finally updated The Dookie Leaderboard.  So many leaderboards these days, with the BBT4 Leaderboard, Skills Series Leaderboard, The Mookie Leaderboard, and the NYRPS Leaderboard.

Here’s your top five, click through for the entire leaderboard.

Dookie Leaderboard

My First Published Poem

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I got skills baby.

Go here to read it.

Mookie Juice – Limited Edition Box

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This is what you win when you make a bet with BuddyDank over who will win their third Mookie first.  A very special Box-O-Wine.

Mookie Victory Juice


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Piano sits in my living room.  It’s been moved around from house to house throughout my life, but really hasn’t been used nearly as much as it was when I was a child.

Piano was purchased for me when I was in kindergarten by parents who didn’t necessarily have visions of me becoming the next Liberace, but simply wanted their son to become a bit more cultured than the next door kids, who made armpit farts and thought they were Beethoven.

God I hated taking Piano lessons from kindergarten through 8th grade.  Forty five minutes practicing each day, with a lesson each week.  And I wonder why I didn’t have many friends when I was young.

These lessons were from an 80 year old woman who was much more old-school than her already old-school age.  I became well versed in Bach, Mozart, etc…you get the picture, classically trained.

The lessons stopped once I started having some success with athletic endeavours around 8th grade, yet Piano stood there, staring me in the face each day after I’d come home with gold medal after gold medal.  I ran fast, but I couldn’t run from Piano once I got home.  So I always came back, playing one of the many classical pieces that my teacher taught me, or picking out the notes of whatever popular song on the radio at the time that may have included a touch of the ivories.

During college, and a few years after, Piano sat, unattended in my parents house, until I finally purchased a suitable house for it.  And just like that, Piano was back in my life.  I want to say that I missed Piano, but the truth was that I didn’t forget it, I simply ignored it.

It was great to have Piano back though, I rediscovered Piano and tried to remember all of the classic songs I had been taught.  That fun lasted for a short time though, and then I forgot all about Piano once again, and eventually Piano became a decoration for seasonal items…Christmas lights, small ceramic turkeys and bunnies and the like.

So Piano, why have I neglected you for the last few years that you’ve been in my house?  Sure, I can play the latest Coldplay tune on you (small feat mind you), but I need to pay more attention to you.  We go well together, I can make you sing baby.  I can write music on you, yet I don’t.

Piano, I will play you now, and we will make sweet music together.

Obligatory BBT4 opening post

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I haven’t really been a mood to write anything for…well, for a long time.

I see everyone is full of BBT bad beat stories.  Personally, I’m not that jazzed up about the BBT.  Sure, I’ll play most events, although the Sunday afternoon game is tough, as it’s not appreciated if I spend waking hours during the daylight playing poker, but I’ll try and sneak a few in.  Hell, I played the Brit Bloggerment at the dinner table with my mother in law visiting last Sunday, so I guess anything is possible.

I could write up fantastic hand analysis type stuff, but I don’t have time at the moment, but let me say this.  Even though two of the first three BBT4 tourneys saw me exit with full houses getting beaten by quads, I’m really not that discouraged…no really…I’m not.

BuddyDank Radio will continue to bring coverage of most, if not all of the events though, and that’s always fun.

The past week has been a fun/hectic one, but I’m glad to say that I finally met a couple of other bloggers in person.  Joanada and Jimdniacc.  I have another post started with a little wrap-up of our activities, finishing it off will happen eventually.

Skills game is Stud8 tonight, and I’m gonna really try to make it, although we have a dinner out planned.  Love me some donkey split-pot games.

And my how the donkeys have come out for the BBT.  My oh my oh my…