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Back on the HORSE Wagon…

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Haven’t really played much real poker in the past 3-4 months.  A few blogger tourneys, but that’s about it.

Decided to try and refocus on the $4K HORSE tourney recently, and so far so good, but it could be better.

I’ve played this tourney three times in the past month, and cashed twice, including what you see below.  Funny thing was, with 28 left, and myself in 15th place, my internet went down for about 15 minutes…money started at 24.

It finally came back, and I found myself in 19/20.  Shitty spot, but I guess I didn’t have to sweat the money bubble this time around.

So I parlayed that short stack into $250 somehow.  Should have run deeper, but these idiots at the final table were suckout artists who had no clue how to play O8 or Stud8.


$4K Cash



The (NFL) Office

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I hate the Kansas City Chiefs, but I love The Office.

So I’m torn about this hilarious Office parody produced by the Kansas City Chiefs.

Drama Queen Tragedy

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I’ve been a part of Tragedy’s Fantasy Football League for 3-4 years now, always running well in it.  I think I won it a few years back, or at least finished high.  Last year, I took the thing down though.  No money in this one, but a certain amount of pride is involved.

So yeah, I’m the defending champion of the league, and I’ve been denied entry into the league this year.  I’m pretty sure I didn’t do anything out of line, like kill dogs, or something like that, but BAM…the door is closed, and I’m not allowed to defend my title.

In short chat session with Tragedy, he mentioned something about closing it off to “dorm buddies” or something like that.  Whatever…

Here’s the bottom line.  He’s still bitter about the falling out regarding BuddyDank Radio that happened over a year ago.  And since I’m a co-host on BuddyDank Radio, I’m an enemy.  I’ve never spoken an ill word about Tragedy, I’m just on the radio.

But…the drama queen in Tragedy won’t allow me to defend my title.  He’s even alluded to my attempt to be in the league with one of his notoriously vague posts.  Not to mention that his IM status very shortly after I inquired about my participation this year was “My League, My Rules”

I run quite a few fantasy football leagues, and let me tell you this…barring someone doing something completely out of line, the defending champ is ALWAYS allowed to defend the title.

I don’t even care that much about it, as it was a free league, and no money was involved, and the competition was pretty soft anyways.

For the record, he burned his bridge with that whole livepokerradio thing.  Problem is, livepokerradio doesn’t work if there isn’t live radio.

IPod Touch…on the way baby

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Most of you have probably been through six or seven IPods already, but despite being an uber tech geek, I’ve never owned one.  Really never got around to it, even though have plenty of music that I’ve errrrrr…well, let’s just say that I’ve accumulated, over the years.

So with the latest blast of 25,000 FTP points that I recieved from finishing in the top 20 during BBT4, it actually gave me enough FTP points to think about cashing them in for something other than 75 decks of FTP cards, and a cheap FTP truckers hat.

Originally, the plan was to snag an 8GB IPod touch for 53K points, but as I waited for the 25K points to hit my account, it was evident that I’d be close to having enough points to upgrade that to 16GB model for 67K points.  That extra 8GB will come in handy for my *Pron* collection 😉

Sure enough, about two days after I received the 25K points (Thanks Al, and FTP), I cracked the 67K point barrier.

I had no reservations about shooting my entire wad of FTP points at once, but it did look pretty funny to see a mere 1.13 FTP points sitting there after making my “purchase”.

I’ve never used FTP points for anything other than the pushfests we used to do (I think those were in 50 point supersats or something). I may have played a couple of token SnGs (something like 600 points or so) in the past.

And to give you a little perspective on just how fast I accumulate points…

Of the 67K points I had, 50K came from BBT placings, the rest is mostly the result of many blogger tournaments, and more recently, HORSE tourneys.

I do accumulate FTP points a little faster now, as I’m playing some higher buy-in HORSE tourneys than the $5 donkey HORSE, but I rarely play cash games, and I don’t play 6-8 token tourneys a day like some people, so I’ll never accumulate these points at a fast clip.

So basically, the IPod touch is a nice reward for playing a bunch of blogger and HORSE tourneys over the last 3-4 years.  Whatever…I’ll take it.

IPod Touch

IPod Touch

The Fourth Mookie

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My fourth Mookie win.  A short field tonight, only 23, but you know what…a win is a win.

Played short-stack-ninja for quite some time at the final table.  No hand analyzing though…you win some races, you lose some races…win enough, and you put yourself in position to win the whole thing.

Now that you’ve read my one-paragraph study guide, just look at the screencap, and enjoy with me, will you…

Mookie Win #4

Mookie Win #4

The Dookie is on Summer Vacation

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Given the low numbers this summer in Blogger tourneys, the BBT burnout factor, and a couple of other reasons, The Dookie is on summer vacation for a little while.

It will return in time, but for now, it’s taking a much needed rest, that’s all…

Duran Duran Rocks!!! Yes, I said it…

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White Lines rocks baby!!!

I love Craig Ferguson, but can rarely catch the show since I’m usually in middle of a nice deep run in the nightly 4K HORSE around the time it comes on.

I did happen to see this opener for the show the other night, and LOVED IT!!!

I’ve always been a Duran Duran fan, but I’d forgotten about this little gem of a cover song from the nineties. Add puppets, a porn star moustache, and some wicked dance moves, and you’ve got a clip that puts a much needed smile on my face every time I watch it.

Sorry I can’t embed the video, as I’m posting from the new Blackberry WordPress App, and that functionality isn’t there yet.

This should be the link for the full YouTube version.

And here’s the link for the video on the mobile version of YouTube.


Test Post

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From the new Blackberry WordPress App

OK, I don’t win em’ all…

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So Bam Bam made the comment that I only post wins on my blog here.  Well here’s proof that I don’t win every single HORSE tournament that I enter, and that I can actually post about it.

This one came a day after winning the donkey $5 HORSE.  If you look carefully…not a win.

4K Horse


The next day I did this.  Once again, not a win, but close.

2nd Place 

Cash baby!

So there you have it, proof that I don’t win every tournament I enter.

Hello, my name is NumbBono…

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…and I win HORSE tournaments.



I know, it’s only a $5 donkey tourney, but I’ve seriously owned this thing for a year now (I think this is the 8th win or so), and I’ve been starting to do the same in the nightly 4K horse tourney.

Ya gotta toot your horn when you can.

Toot Toot

Shout out to Turtle for railing all the way to the end.  He will attest that I played a wicked ass heads-up game and won with just a little bit of luck and a lot of skill.

I know the high rollers in the blogger community could give a shit less about winning a $5 tourney, but to me, it’s a pretty cool thing to not only win this thing, but win it 8-9 times in the last 12 months.

I have game, who’s gonna stake me for the 50K HORSE at the WSOP then?