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It’s not that I’m lazy, it’s that I just don’t care…

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I got tagged by OhCaptain to do one of these…I don’t know what the hell you call it, and normally I don’t do these, but why not, it’s Friday, I’m getting a drink on, and Michael Phelps just won his 94th gold medal.

The Rules: Rules are posted at the beginning. At the end of the post, the player tags 5 people and posts their names. Then the player goes to each of the “named” people’s blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog. If you’ve been tagged, you do the same, letting the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answer. They, in turn, answer the following questions.

  1. What was I doing 10 years ago: I had just moved back to Iowa from Chicago, and was trying to figure out what I was gonna do for a living.  I had just started a relationship with someone who ultimately drained nearly four years away from my twentysomethings.
  2. What are 5 things on my to-do list today:
    • Talk Iggy into coming on BuddyDank Radio
    • Renew my Sam’s Club membership so I can buy large amounts of things cheaply
    • Take Numb Jr. to the doctor if his cold doesn’t improve (put on hold till tomorrow)
    • Download……Buy… some Curb Your Enthusiasm because it’s been recommended to me by more than one person in the last week.
    • Find the cheapest place to buy a 1TB hard drive.
  3. Snacks I enjoy: Skittles, Starburst, Guinness
  4. Places I’ve lived: Small Town Iowa, Big Town Iowa, Kansas City, Chicago
  5. Things I would do if I were a billionaire: “I would relax… I would sit on my ass all day… I would do nothing.”

Not forwarding this on to anyone…let’s kill this right now.

Fantasy Football Anyone?

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I’ve created a Fantasy Football League for poker bloggers.  I thought about making it a pay league, but quite honestly, I’m in way too many money leagues, and would like to do one for fun with friends, and no money involved.

It’s pretty standard setup…Head to Head, 10 teams (if there’s enough interest, we can bump it to 12).  Hosted on ESPN Fantasy Games.

I’d like to get some active players involved.  No idea on the draft date yet.  I’m thinking Sunday night, August 30th, but this is open to discussion.

Email me at numbbono (at) donkeysdraw (dot) com if you’re interested.  Or you can hit me up on Yahoo Chat at numb_bono.

Reason #4879 that Bush is an idiot…

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Dookie Tonight – Razz Rules

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I’ve decided to make The Dookie NLHE, with the exception of the first Wednesday of each month.  Well, this being the first Wednesday of the month, what better way to kick off the rotation with a little Razz.

The Dookie
10:30 cst
Turbo Razz
password – vegas1

Remember the rule…always raise in Razz.


Screw you and the H.O.R.S.E. you rode in on…

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This one was a tremendous amount of fun.  I love HORSE, and I love winning in HORSE even more so.



Brett Favre and the Packers, a match made in heaven

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Let me start off by saying that I hate the Green Bay Packers, and I hate Brett Favre.  I’m a Detroit Lions fan, so it’s a divisional rivalry thing.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about this.

So here’s the rundown.

Queen Favre Favre has been wishy washy about whether or not he’s going to retire for a few seasons prior to 2007, taking his time after each season was over to make his decision, But ultimately returning.

During the few seasons leading up to 2007, Favre’s game has been declining each year, with his deficiencies becoming more and more evident.  Throwing crazy passes into tight spots, leading the league in interceptions (2005), it certainly looked like he was on his way out of the game.

So Favre does his little song and dance in the spring of 2007, and decides to come back.  And lo and behold, he has a magnificent 2007, nearly leading the Packers into the Super Bowl.

Come spring, the 38 year old Favre decides to retire in a tearful press conference that made me want to vomit in a bucket, than drink a mug of said vomit so I wouldn’t have to watch the screen anymore.

Then the shit starts up.  As the summer progresses, it’s becoming more evident that Queen Favre just might not be ready to hang up the spikes.  In the meantime, the FudgePackers have already made plans to proceed without him.

So here we are today.  We have a team that would rather pay one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game to stay retired than to have him command a team that has some pretty decent pieces in place to make another run:

from ESPN on 7/31/2008

WTMJ television in Milwaukee reported the team offered Favre several million dollars to stay retired, and the Green Bay Press-Gazette reported on its Web site that the team offered Favre “a substantial salary” to stay away. Both reports cited sources close to Favre. But signs still point to the quarterback reporting to Packers camp.

My Detroit Lions are fucked up.  Matt Millen has absolutely ruined that team, but this is completely beyond anything that we are going through.

The Lions organization may have found an indirect way of driving Barry Sanders away, but we never would have paid him to stay away.

Granted, Favre has jerked the Packers around with his decision making process, but man, how can you pay this guy not to play.  Do they really think that Aaron Rodgers is that good? 

Anything that makes the Packers weaker is a good thing in my book, so I’m gonna eat up all this drama, and pray that Matt Millen gets hit by a truck next week.

2008-07-23 Dookie Winner – Joanada

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Congratulations to Joanada for taking down the this week’s Dookie.  Work has been kicking my ass, and I’ve got a billion other irons in the fire that are non-poker related.  After fighting through a half-day today, I’m outta here for the weekend for some stunt drinking with some old college buddies, and won’t be back until Sunday night.  I’ll put up a little more about the Dookie at that point.

I do plan on keeping a leaderboard for the Dookie so we can finally answer the question that we’ve all been wondering…

Who is the biggest turbo donkey out there?

I’ll see you all when I return from my weekend, which is sure to be filled with copius amounts of booze, strippers and bestiality.

I’m a Geek

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I’m a Geek

I like to play with Geek Shit

I haven’t had any new Geek Shit to play with in a while

I just got some new Geek Shit


This piece of Geek Shit is the coolest piece of Geek Shit I’ve ever owned.

And my piece of Geek Shit isn’t a Sprint, or Verizon version that has it’s really cool features locked by the carriers so they can provide “value-added” applications that use those features at a premium price (GPS, etc…).

You I-Phone people are nuts.  This is the shit, the really cool Geek Shit. Jennifer Tilly uses an I-Phone…Allen Cunningham uses a BlackBerry.

It’s all about hyper-connectivity these days.  I can reach you in any one of nine different ways in about five seconds, so fuck you…I won’t……

……but I can.

I’m a Geek

I’m working on my people skills.

Introducing your new Dookie Host…Me

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Yes, that’s right, yours truly is now the host for The Dookie, aka The Mookie Second Chance Tournament.

I’m still working out the format for the tourney.  One thing is for certain.  The buyin is going to move back down to $5 + 0.50.

I’m thinking of making the format just good old NLHE (Turbo), while mixing in another game every third or fourth tourney.  I am gonna try and get the starting stacks bumped up to 2000 chips though for a little change.

EDIT: Full Tilt Poker doesn’t allow starting chipstacks greater than 1500 in any tournament that has juice under a buck. FAIL!!!!

I’m open to any suggestions that you may have.  Contact me (see right side of page for contact info) if you have any ideas.

I’ll be posting info here, which you can get to at the top of my page as well.

A picture I found on my desktop

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Found this floating around on my desktop last night.  It’s screenshot from a Riverchasers tourney a few weeks ago.  What the hell, let’s put it up, even though I’m not involved.