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Poker for the youth

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News from a casino that’s about an hour from me.  This may interest you if you’re in college, and want to plunk down your textbook money at a soft 1-2 game.

Tama casino offers poker to gamblers under age 21
The Meskwaki Indian tribe plans to offer poker to 18- to 21-year-old gamblers next month at its Tama casino, but state regulators said the young players will be barred from slot machines, blackjack and other games.
State law prohibits people under 21 from casino gambling, but the tribe has notified state officials it will offer poker to underage players under a provision of the federal Indian Gaming Regulatory Act.
The federal law allows Indian tribes to offer bingo and certain other gambling not governed by a compact between the Tama casino and the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals. Young gamblers will apparently play, and the casino will not get a cut of the pot, said David Werning, the inspection department’s spokesman.

"We don’t know what they are talking about in terms of limitations, if any," Werning said.
The move comes as poker enjoys huge popularity among college-age students, many of whom watch cable TV poker games or play online for free and for cash.
A recent nationwide study estimates 2.9 million young people gamble on cards weekly.
It also comes as the Meskwaki tribe, which spent $111 million to expand its casino and hotel complex, faces tough competition from new casinos in Waterloo and Riverside.

Tribal Chairman Adrian Pushetonequa sent a letter to state officials Monday about the tribe’s plans. The poker games will start June 1; marketing will begin Thursday. Pushetonequa’s letter said the poker games will be offered as a "nonhouse banked game." The tribe’s executive director, Larry Lasley Jr., was unavailable for comment Thursday.
The Winnebago Indian tribe stunned state officials in 1999 when it lowered the gambling age to 18 for all casino games, including slot machines, at its WinnaVegas Casino near Sloan. The tribe contended it was unbound by state laws due to tribal sovereignty. Winnebago tribal leaders agreed in March 2005 to set the minimum gambling at 21 under a new compact reached with the state.

Jack Ketterer, administrator of the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission, said Thursday that Iowa’s 17 state-regulated casinos will not follow suit with underage poker games. "We don’t have that option," he said.
Wes Ehrecke, president of the Iowa Gaming Association, a trade group for state-regulated casinos, said he has more questions than answers about the Meskwakis’ plans.
"What will be the enforcement and regulating mechanism so they are not playing other games when they are not playing poker?" Ehrecke asked. "This could be another example where state-licensed casinos are at a competitive disadvantage with the sovereign-nation status of tribal casinos."

Battle of the Bloggers Freeroll

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Making IronMan for the first time, I’m checking out when exactly this Iron Man Freeroll is, and I see something a bit unfamiliar in my upcoming tournament list.


Turns out, the June 9 tourney is this…


…which is the freeroll that was originally supposed to be for like the top 50 on the leaderboard, or something like that, but was changed to be open to whoever posted the FTP badge on their blog.

As the winner of the original BBT Freeroll, I have a certain attachment to this one, so I’ll try and make it. But I have to wonder about the date and time of this thing. If my calculations are correct, this thing is on a Monday, at 5:00 pm EST (4:00 CST, and 2:00 PST…oh, and 3:00 MST for Peaker).

Simply put, that’s a horrible time to have this. Our little freeroll is scheduled on a weekday, four hours earlier than the start of any blogger tournament that comprises the BBT-3? And not to mention, during the workday of quite a few folks?

I’m sure this will be corrected, but I thought I’d point it out in case no one noticed.

The Booooooom Mystery

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Every time we boom…this happens.

We need to stop torturing these people.

This is how I run lately…

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Full Tilt Poker Game #6291851570: $26 Token Frenzy (47223409), Table 3 – 30/60 – No Limit Hold’em – 23:05:15 ET – 2008/05/04
Seat 1: PhilTheKid (1,400)
Seat 2: WEB627 (4,470)
Seat 3: xxMr_Billxx (1,055)
Seat 4: Mr_Bauer (320)
Seat 5: I am Cookn (2,700)
Seat 6: sobestud (1,380)
Seat 7: CptnChronic (1,525)
Seat 8: TheBustedNut (5,245)
Seat 9: NumbBono (1,140)
TheBustedNut posts the small blind of 30
NumbBono posts the big blind of 60
The button is in seat #7
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to NumbBono [Ac Ah]
PhilTheKid folds
WEB627 folds
xxMr_Billxx folds
Mr_Bauer has 15 seconds left to act
Mr_Bauer folds
I am Cookn has 15 seconds left to act
I am Cookn folds
sobestud raises to 120
CptnChronic folds
TheBustedNut folds
NumbBono raises to 450
sobestud has 15 seconds left to act
sobestud calls 330
*** FLOP *** [Qh 4c 8h]
NumbBono bets 690, and is all in
sobestud calls 690
NumbBono shows [Ac Ah]
sobestud shows [7h 5h]
*** TURN *** [Qh 4c 8h] [9s]
*** RIVER *** [Qh 4c 8h 9s] [6d]
NumbBono shows a pair of Aces
sobestud shows a straight, Nine high
sobestud wins the pot (2,310) with a straight, Nine high
NumbBono stands up


Scott Fischman, Allen Cunningham, Steve Dannenmann, and all kinds of fun stuff

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Just a reminder, be sure to tune in to BuddyDank Radio over the next few days to listen to the coverage of the Borgata $500,000 Guaranteed Deep Stack Tournament coverage.

I managed to tune in Sunday afternoon to catch part of an interview with two time World Series of Poker bracelet winner, and blogger-killer, Scott Fischman.  It’s sounding like they’ve got something lined up with five time bracelet winner, Allen Cunningham, and potentially Steve Dannenmann, the 2005 Main Event runner-up, as well.

Actress, and apparently poker player, Cheryl Hines (Curb Your Enthusiasm) stopped by as well.

As far as I know, there are two poker bloggers that frequent our circles playing in the event.  Lucko, who was eliminated just before the dinner break on day one, and LJ, who’s hovering right around her starting stack of $30k at the dinner break.

Tune in tonight.

Failing miserably at failing…

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A few of us had a last shorter bet the other night.  Whoever goes out earliest in The Ferguson, which is a nightly tournament that has a one dollar buyin, would be the winner.  Zeem, BuddyDank, Joanne, and a few others that I can’t remember right now played.

That particular night, the Ferguson was Limit HORSE… perfect for a last shorter bet.

I failed miserably at failing, and didn’t win the bet.

Funny thing was, that after trying so hard to lose for the first 10 minutes, I decided to turn it around and play it for real.

Granted, this wasn’t the toughest field out there, but I’m just a little bit proud of final tabling this thing.  Particularly after taking my starting stack of 1500 chips down to about 600 or so within the first ten minutes. 

For some reason, Lee Watkinson, a red FTP pro, was playing this tourney.  And I was seated with him at my initial table for the first hour of the tournament.  He played a few hands, and then was blinding off as I got moved to another table.

Zeem made a deep run in this thing as well, cashing for some miniscule amount.

So I ended up 5th of 412 runners, and cashed for a whopping $18.54.

Nothing big, but it was fun playing some of the split games with people that have absolutely no clue how they are played.

It was also fun chatting it up with Zeem during the tourney.  I gotta meet you in person someday man.




Mookie points and Dookie win

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Played fairly uninspired cards to make the BBT points in The Mookie. Went out on a hand where I knew Lucko was exercising his usual "jam when I think they’re weak" strategy that he employs in these blogger tourneys.  People bitch about donkeys making donkey moves and getting rewarded.  What about when the good players make donkey moves and get rewarded? I knew he didn’t have shit here, so I called on the turn, and he rivers me.  And so it goes.  Out in 20th.  Good enough for some points I guess.

Full Tilt Poker Game #6243019861: The Mookie (42846016), Table 8 – 250/500 Ante 50 – No Limit Hold’em – 0:18:34 ET – 2008/05/01
Seat 1: oossuuu754 (14,476)
Seat 2: RNallin (6,350)
Seat 3: heffmike (10,168)
Seat 5: lucko21 (18,239)
Seat 7: NumbBono (5,610)
Seat 8: bdidde (4,556)
Seat 9: Erin26 (3,533)
oossuuu754 antes 50
RNallin antes 50
heffmike antes 50
lucko21 antes 50
NumbBono antes 50
bdidde antes 50
Erin26 antes 50
heffmike posts the small blind of 250
lucko21 posts the big blind of 500
The button is in seat #2
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to NumbBono [Ad Td]
NumbBono raises to 1,500
bdidde folds
Erin26 folds
oossuuu754 folds
RNallin folds
heffmike folds
lucko21 calls 1,000
*** FLOP *** [5s 4c 7d]
lucko21 checks
NumbBono checks
*** TURN *** [5s 4c 7d] [9c]
lucko21 bets 5,500
NumbBono calls 4,060, and is all in
lucko21 shows [Qd Jd]
NumbBono shows [Ad Td]
Uncalled bet of 1,440 returned to lucko21
*** RIVER *** [5s 4c 7d 9c] [Jh]
lucko21 shows a pair of Jacks
NumbBono shows Ace Jack high
lucko21 wins the pot (11,720) with a pair of Jacks
lucko21: lol
NumbBono stands up


With a little lighter crowd than usual, and the help of hands like this…


…I was able to take down the Dookie.


Instant Classic Quote from Fuel55

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“I just shipped you one fifty millionth of my bankroll.”


12:36 am CST – after shipping $5 to Instant Tragedy after Tragedy won a sidebet regarding their picks in the Skills Game.

Card Dead in The Big Game

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Didn’t fare too well in The Big Game.

Total of 188 hands

Here’s the final 64 of them.  This is being card dead at it’s best.  Somehow, I still managed to finish 18th of 46 runners.

69% of these hands contained a card five or lower.
0.02% of these hands were a pocket pair.
0.02% of these hands were suited connectors.
0% of these hands contained two paint cards.

J-7 off
K-3 off
10-3 off
Q-2 off
6-3 off
5-3 off
6-2 off
J-3 off
K-6 off
8-5 suited
7-6 suited
Q-3 suited
7-7 (open raised from Button and stole blinds)
8-2 off
10-3 off
8-2 off
10-3 off
J-7 off
7-4 off
6-3 suited
A-9 off (Walk)
Q-10 suited
6-3 off
8-5 off
7-3 suited
J-4 suited
9-5 off
A-9 suited
4-2 off
Q-7 off
J-4 suited
4-2 off
10-4 off
A-9 suited
J-7 off
4-2 (Walk)
A-8 (open raised from SB to steal BB)
K-6 off
9-3 off
9-4 off
Q-6 off
J-3 suited
K-10 off
5-4 off
7-3 off
8-2 off
K-5 suited
5-2 off
K-7 off
8-6 suited
A-7 suited
Q-4 off
6-4 suited
5-2 off
Q-4 off
5-3 off
A-5 off
6-4 off
Q-4 off
Q-4 suited
A-4 suited (open raised to steal blinds)
4-3 off
J-8 suited
A-9 off (lost to 10-10)

Not much I can do here. I guess stealing with complete garbage needs to become THE staple of my game.  Gotta work on that.

Brandi Hawbaker

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I followed this story on 2+2 when she first became a “name”.

I have zero personal involvement in the situation that she got herself into. But I will say this…

Brandi was someone’s daughter. Brandi was someone’s granddaughter.

For the respect of those people that were her mother, father, and grandparents…people need to stop the bashing.