10 Facts About Me

1. Chicks dig me, because I rarely wear underwear, and when I do, it’s usually something unusual.

2. I play poker in the low/mid limits. Generally sticking to SnG’s and MTT’s.

3. My real life job is inconsequential, but if you must know, I’m an Application Server Administrator.  Yeah, it’s an IT job…I’m a geek.

4. Poker was a hobby/fun thing to check out about four years ago for me. It’s still fun, but I now derive a small income from it.

5. I have a child born in late 2006. This makes it harder to find time to play for lengthy periods, but I don’t mind.

6. I play in a bi-weekly home game (SnG style) with about 25 people. It’s fun, but the play is atrocious.  EDIT: I don’t play in this game anymore, it started to drive me nuts.

7. I watch some poker on TV, although I find that it gets old really fast. Current favorites are High Stakes Poker and NBC’s Poker After Dark (thank God for Tivo). I enjoy watching the table banter between players rather than the actual play itself.  EDIT: I very rarely watch poker on TV anymore.

8. I rarely play in casinos, but when I have, I’ve been successful.

9. The first poker blog that I ever read was Iggy. Now there are hundreds that I monitor. Thank God for Bloglines.

10. You can find me on Full Tilt, Bodog, and PokerStars these days.

Contacting Me

E-mail – numbbono (at) donkeysdraw (dot) com
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