You will no doubt have seen poker being played on TV in the last 10 years, as well as noticed the huge popularity the card game has with millions of people around the world playing it every single day. This is because of the version of poker called Texas Hold’em, this type of poker is very easy to learn and play. Like all good sports, Texas Hold’em poker is not only fun to play but also to watch hence why so many TV shows have been made about it. The world series of poker is one of the most viewed poker tournaments on TV and every year more and more people watch it and wish that they could go and enter in Las Vegas.

The reason why poker became so popular all of a sudden was due to online poker sites making the game available to anyone who had an Internet connection and a PC. You did not have to wait until Friday night in order to play with all your friends, instead you could go online and play against random people from around the world and test your abilities. This is where one of the major differences of online poker comes in to play, as you’re playing people on the internet which means you cannot see their faces and traits. Instead you have to learn to read their play in order to understand if they are bluffing or not which is much more difficult.

Fortunately there are hundreds of different online casino websites that allow you to play poker whenever you want meaning that practice is never too far away. As well as this these online casino websites allow you to play for free before putting any money in so that you can learn the game properly and feel comfortable playing against other people around the world.