Every year I do this. I geek out and create my own bracket sheet with relevant info about each team.

Here it is. Enjoy. Do with it what you want. I find it more fun than the newspaper bracket that everyone has.

2011 NCAA Brackets NumbStyle

A few notes.

* Game times are PST. If you want to adjust, go ahead, it’s in Excel format.

* I really wish the times would be announced for the second round (or is it third now) games, but that doesn’t happen until later on, so they’re not on there.

* I consider the play-in games inconsequential, therefore they aren’t represented here. I’ll update this on Wednesday when they’re complete.

* This can be printed on the usual letter size paper, but is best on legal size.

* The USA Today rankings are a week old, don’t know if they get updated again, but if they do, I’ll update this.