Alpha Wolf

Alpha Wolf – A wolf pack has a definite social structure and rules of conduct. The pack leader is the Alpha Wolf and is dominant over all the other wolves in the pack. The alpha wolf gets to eat first at kills.

I originally wasn’t going to participate in the Survivor Donkey Poker game set up by BuddyDank and Julius Goat, but my competitive spirit got the better of me, and I decided to take part anyway.

Little did I realize I’d be punished for being the best player…the Alpha Wolf… on my team…ex-team.

Of the seven votes cast by my teammates, I was named on six of them after the first tournament.

This, after running the deepest of all of my teammates, providing the best chance to win team immunity, and proving that I am easily the best player on my team.

But Survivor isn’t always about being the strongest, and I realize this. It’s still not gonna stop me from ripping into my former teammates. After all, the Alpha Wolf always fights back when backed into a corner, right?

First off, I understand how rebuy tournaments work, unlike JamyHawk, who apparently doesn’t, even though he somehow managed to take one down in the days leading up to the first event of Survivor Poker.

He shoved a hand early, busted, and then neglected to rebuy…within the first 10 minutes or so of the hour-long rebuy period.

I mean seriously, he Gigli’d the tournament in the most idiotic fashion, and didn’t get voted off?

Then there’s the slew of people that played horribly during the tournament, and were just giving stacks away in spectacular fashion, even after the rebuy period was over.  I’m amazed that some of you are even allowed to play poker by loved ones, or maybe they haven’t seen you play yet…oh, by the way….Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!!

So yes, I eliminated, or ended up decimating the stacks of a few teammates, but let me tell you this. I was NOT going to soft play against you just because you were on my team.

Take for example, Katitude. I crippled her when we both had around 17K in chips. I opened in middle position with QJoff. If you guys know me, if it folds to me, I’ll open with just about anything in middle or late position. This hand was no different. So Kat re-pops me for a minimum raise from the small blind. My first thought was a pair, probably 10’s or better knowing how she plays.

I’m calling here since are stacks are deep, and I can get away after the flop relatively unscathed.

I flop top two on a Q-J-4 board and she puts in a pretty sizable overbet of 5K.

I know Kat’s play well enough to realize that she’s got KK or AA here, because let’s face it, she, like the rest of my teammates, thinks that an overpair to any board is gonna be an automatic winner. I can reasonably rule out QQ or JJ since I have those cards in my hand, and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t re-raise preflop with 44

Her overbet on the flop pretty much telegraphed her hand to me, and it was an easy call with top two. No need to worry about straights or flushes here, because she doesn’t overbet draws like that.

If she plays her Aces a little slower, I’ll still win chips, but I probably wouldn’t have stacked her. Once again, another classic case of a player overvaluing an overpair.

Boom, there’s one bitter vote against me…simply because she butchered Aces, playing them about as poorly as you can in that spot. And I’m the one punished with a vote because I’m the better player.

In another instance, I take out BrainMC when he open-shoves for 18 BB’s with KQoff, and I call with AKoff. Another instance of me getting the bitter vote from a disgruntled teammate who fell in love with pretty picture cards.

I mean really, I’m the bad guy again simply because I’m good???!!!

Did I mention that my teammates overvalue overpairs in post-flop play?  Here’s another example.

Julius Goat and I take a flop after I call his 4.5X raise preflop with 88. Pretty standard preflop play by both of us.

I flop a set and he decides to get his remaining 18 big blinds in the middle with…you guessed it…Aces!!!

What am I supposed to do here, fold because he’s a teammate? Hell no!!!

Chalk up another vote against Numb from a bitter teammate who can’t fold an overpair.

These aren’t bad beats either people.  When the money got into the middle in each of these instances, I was a clear favorite.

I’m not much of a NLHE player, but next to my former teammates, I look like Stuey freakin’ Ungar.

Yet I’m voted out because I’m better than them. Oh well, the Alpha Wolf will live to hunt again…

Let me just say this, if there comes a time for me to come back and vote at the end of the game (which is what I hear will happen), I will cast my own bitter-vote, and it won’t be for any of my ex-teammates, that’s for certain.