Haven’t really played much real poker in the past 3-4 months.  A few blogger tourneys, but that’s about it.

Decided to try and refocus on the $4K HORSE tourney recently, and so far so good, but it could be better.

I’ve played this tourney three times in the past month, and cashed twice, including what you see below.  Funny thing was, with 28 left, and myself in 15th place, my internet went down for about 15 minutes…money started at 24.

It finally came back, and I found myself in 19/20.  Shitty spot, but I guess I didn’t have to sweat the money bubble this time around.

So I parlayed that short stack into $250 somehow.  Should have run deeper, but these idiots at the final table were suckout artists who had no clue how to play O8 or Stud8.


$4K Cash