Most of you have probably been through six or seven IPods already, but despite being an uber tech geek, I’ve never owned one.  Really never got around to it, even though have plenty of music that I’ve errrrrr…well, let’s just say that I’ve accumulated, over the years.

So with the latest blast of 25,000 FTP points that I recieved from finishing in the top 20 during BBT4, it actually gave me enough FTP points to think about cashing them in for something other than 75 decks of FTP cards, and a cheap FTP truckers hat.

Originally, the plan was to snag an 8GB IPod touch for 53K points, but as I waited for the 25K points to hit my account, it was evident that I’d be close to having enough points to upgrade that to 16GB model for 67K points.  That extra 8GB will come in handy for my *Pron* collection 😉

Sure enough, about two days after I received the 25K points (Thanks Al, and FTP), I cracked the 67K point barrier.

I had no reservations about shooting my entire wad of FTP points at once, but it did look pretty funny to see a mere 1.13 FTP points sitting there after making my “purchase”.

I’ve never used FTP points for anything other than the pushfests we used to do (I think those were in 50 point supersats or something). I may have played a couple of token SnGs (something like 600 points or so) in the past.

And to give you a little perspective on just how fast I accumulate points…

Of the 67K points I had, 50K came from BBT placings, the rest is mostly the result of many blogger tournaments, and more recently, HORSE tourneys.

I do accumulate FTP points a little faster now, as I’m playing some higher buy-in HORSE tourneys than the $5 donkey HORSE, but I rarely play cash games, and I don’t play 6-8 token tourneys a day like some people, so I’ll never accumulate these points at a fast clip.

So basically, the IPod touch is a nice reward for playing a bunch of blogger and HORSE tourneys over the last 3-4 years.  Whatever…I’ll take it.

IPod Touch

IPod Touch