I’ve been a part of Tragedy’s Fantasy Football League for 3-4 years now, always running well in it.  I think I won it a few years back, or at least finished high.  Last year, I took the thing down though.  No money in this one, but a certain amount of pride is involved.

So yeah, I’m the defending champion of the league, and I’ve been denied entry into the league this year.  I’m pretty sure I didn’t do anything out of line, like kill dogs, or something like that, but BAM…the door is closed, and I’m not allowed to defend my title.

In short chat session with Tragedy, he mentioned something about closing it off to “dorm buddies” or something like that.  Whatever…

Here’s the bottom line.  He’s still bitter about the falling out regarding BuddyDank Radio that happened over a year ago.  And since I’m a co-host on BuddyDank Radio, I’m an enemy.  I’ve never spoken an ill word about Tragedy, I’m just on the radio.

But…the drama queen in Tragedy won’t allow me to defend my title.  He’s even alluded to my attempt to be in the league with one of his notoriously vague posts.  Not to mention that his IM status very shortly after I inquired about my participation this year was “My League, My Rules”

I run quite a few fantasy football leagues, and let me tell you this…barring someone doing something completely out of line, the defending champ is ALWAYS allowed to defend the title.

I don’t even care that much about it, as it was a free league, and no money was involved, and the competition was pretty soft anyways.

For the record, he burned his bridge with that whole livepokerradio thing.  Problem is, livepokerradio doesn’t work if there isn’t live radio.