This weeks Dookie was taken down by…well, me.  So I guess I maintain my stronghold on the top spot.

In much more interesting news, I made a prop bet with ScottyMC that if I could take down the Dook, I’d let him pick the game/buyin for next week.

Now, this bet was made with around five people to go in the Dook, and with me nursing a short stack.

I made good, and won it, now Scotty has control of the Dookie next week.  Stay tuned to see what he has in mind.

In other news, I’m hoping to sneak into the top 20 on the BBT4 leaderboard, which would give me enough FTP points to grab a sweet I-Pod Touch (the jersey is paid off with 25,000 FTP points).

That would be an awesome reward for playing just shitty enough to make the top 20.

And yes, my play. well not necessarily my play, but the game in general, has been shitty to me these days.  I’m letting beats get to me, though not immediately, I just kind of let it build up and weigh on me.

A little break from the game is needed.

Here’s your Top Five on the Dookie Leaderboard, click through for the entire leaderboard.

The Dookie Leaderboard