Piano sits in my living room.  It’s been moved around from house to house throughout my life, but really hasn’t been used nearly as much as it was when I was a child.

Piano was purchased for me when I was in kindergarten by parents who didn’t necessarily have visions of me becoming the next Liberace, but simply wanted their son to become a bit more cultured than the next door kids, who made armpit farts and thought they were Beethoven.

God I hated taking Piano lessons from kindergarten through 8th grade.  Forty five minutes practicing each day, with a lesson each week.  And I wonder why I didn’t have many friends when I was young.

These lessons were from an 80 year old woman who was much more old-school than her already old-school age.  I became well versed in Bach, Mozart, etc…you get the picture, classically trained.

The lessons stopped once I started having some success with athletic endeavours around 8th grade, yet Piano stood there, staring me in the face each day after I’d come home with gold medal after gold medal.  I ran fast, but I couldn’t run from Piano once I got home.  So I always came back, playing one of the many classical pieces that my teacher taught me, or picking out the notes of whatever popular song on the radio at the time that may have included a touch of the ivories.

During college, and a few years after, Piano sat, unattended in my parents house, until I finally purchased a suitable house for it.  And just like that, Piano was back in my life.  I want to say that I missed Piano, but the truth was that I didn’t forget it, I simply ignored it.

It was great to have Piano back though, I rediscovered Piano and tried to remember all of the classic songs I had been taught.  That fun lasted for a short time though, and then I forgot all about Piano once again, and eventually Piano became a decoration for seasonal items…Christmas lights, small ceramic turkeys and bunnies and the like.

So Piano, why have I neglected you for the last few years that you’ve been in my house?  Sure, I can play the latest Coldplay tune on you (small feat mind you), but I need to pay more attention to you.  We go well together, I can make you sing baby.  I can write music on you, yet I don’t.

Piano, I will play you now, and we will make sweet music together.