I haven’t really been a mood to write anything for…well, for a long time.

I see everyone is full of BBT bad beat stories.  Personally, I’m not that jazzed up about the BBT.  Sure, I’ll play most events, although the Sunday afternoon game is tough, as it’s not appreciated if I spend waking hours during the daylight playing poker, but I’ll try and sneak a few in.  Hell, I played the Brit Bloggerment at the dinner table with my mother in law visiting last Sunday, so I guess anything is possible.

I could write up fantastic hand analysis type stuff, but I don’t have time at the moment, but let me say this.  Even though two of the first three BBT4 tourneys saw me exit with full houses getting beaten by quads, I’m really not that discouraged…no really…I’m not.

BuddyDank Radio will continue to bring coverage of most, if not all of the events though, and that’s always fun.

The past week has been a fun/hectic one, but I’m glad to say that I finally met a couple of other bloggers in person.  Joanada and Jimdniacc.  I have another post started with a little wrap-up of our activities, finishing it off will happen eventually.

Skills game is Stud8 tonight, and I’m gonna really try to make it, although we have a dinner out planned.  Love me some donkey split-pot games.

And my how the donkeys have come out for the BBT.  My oh my oh my…