Made a nice showing tonight in Julius Goat’s Bad-Bankroll Management Tournament.  It was a pretty fun time.  I held true to my New Years Resolution to not go after anyone, even in jest (sometimes my sarcasm doesn’t come across like I intend), in the chat box after bad beats….no matter how badly I want to.

I laid a few beats on people during this thing, and got lambasted in the chat box (not to mention IM).

Anyways, I did the typical things a person does when they run deep in a tourney.  I played a number of hands quite well, and I played a couple of hands poorly and I sucked out on people.  It happens.

Congrats to TwoBlackAces for taking me down heads-up.  And I look forward to the next one.

And thanks to Julius Goat for throwing this thing together.  I think it’s a fantastic quarterly addition to the blogger tourney lineup.