The election is over.  I’m pleased with the results, my guy won.  But I’m very distressed about the future of commercials on television in a post-election world.

You all know that there were a hell of a lot of political advertisements on TV this year.  Nothing too unusual, it’s an election year…pretty standard stuff.

Here’s what you didn’t know.  The ONLY ad that was on TV over the course of the last month that wasn’t political was this one.


With the election in our rearview mirror now, we can only look forward to more of this fucking commercial on our airwaves.

I like The Fixx, but I never did like this song, and now it’s fucking drilled into my brain during every commercial break that I see.  I swear, I saw this commercial four times in 10 minutes during the Lions game on Sunday.

If I hear it again, I might obtain a red-hot poker, and seal my ears shut.