It’s that time of the week again, Mookie Night.  The Flagship blogger tournament will kick off at 9:00 pm CST on Full Tilt Poker.  Check the private tournaments tab, and look for it.  $13 buyin, DS NLHE Knockout.  Password as always is vegas1.

damook Of course, whenever it’s Mookie Night, that means another edition of The Dookie.  Tonight, being the first Wednesday of the month, it’s time to switch the game up from its usual Turbo NLHE format.

In honor of Emptyman’s tremendous success in HORSE tournaments this past week, we’ll be playing a little Horsey this time around.

Let’s make this fun though.  If you play The Dookie tonight, you are required to be as verbally abusive as Scotty Nguyen was at the final table the 50K HORSE WSOP event.  Swearing and cursing are not only allowed, but are encouraged.  And every time you type in chat box, it MUST be followed with a BABEEEE.

The Dookie start at 10:30 CST, an hour and a half after The Mook.  $5.50 buyin, password is vegas1.

BuddyDank Radio will be on air in full force tonight, and a party is planned.  If you aren’t listening……well, why not?  Come join the fun.