“So, I guess I’m a better poker player than you now.”
Mrs. Numb to Mr. Numb – Thursday morning after The Mookie

After running well in The Mookie lately (a victory and runner-up showing the last two weeks), I bowed out in a thoroughly uninspiring 25th place this week.

Mrs. Numb, aka Numbette, did the family proud though.  In an impressive display of tightness, she final tabled the flagship blogger tournament, and finished in a respectable fourth place.  She’s played The Mook only a handful of times over the last couple of years, so she’s pretty happy.  She’s getting sick of hearing all about my exploits, and finally has something to brag about now.

The first big hand that propelled her to advance deep with a workable stack was an impressive suckout on Mr. Okie Vegas himself.  Presto was no good for Gary, and his flopped set of fives lost to her pocket jacks.  All the money went in on a 10 high rainbow flop, and in true donkament fashion, she went runner-runner straight to cripple Gary.  That Fuel guy is an idiot…gold my ass.

She’s getting the hang of it though.  Get your money in bad and catch.  That’s how we bloggers roll in these donkaments.

Beyond that, she played the tightest game of poker imaginable.  In fact, up until the final table, with seven players remaining, she had raised preflop a mere four times in maybe 150 hands or so.  That my friends, is some tight ass poker.  She makes Buddy look like Farha.

She doesn’t have a blog, so please direct all congratulations/comments/criticisms here on this blog, and I’ll see to it she sees whatever you have to say.


I am sick to my stomach that we couldn’t make Okie-Vegas this year.  Planning is underway to ensure that we make it down next summer.


Iggy is making a nice run in the Main Event.  Day three is huge.  Looking forward to following the updates via Twitter and Dr. Pauly.


Speaking of which, I now Twitter.  I don’t know why, because I really hate itIt’s OKI like itI love itSomebody told me it’s like blogging for people with Attention Deficit Disorder, which is pretty spot on.  I liken it to a weird hybrid of actual blogging and IM chat.

If you want to add me, my Twitter feed is NumbBono

I leave you with this, which Mrs. Numb, who is a math teacher, loved.