I’m a Geek

I like to play with Geek Shit

I haven’t had any new Geek Shit to play with in a while

I just got some new Geek Shit


This piece of Geek Shit is the coolest piece of Geek Shit I’ve ever owned.

And my piece of Geek Shit isn’t a Sprint, or Verizon version that has it’s really cool features locked by the carriers so they can provide “value-added” applications that use those features at a premium price (GPS, etc…).

You I-Phone people are nuts.  This is the shit, the really cool Geek Shit. Jennifer Tilly uses an I-Phone…Allen Cunningham uses a BlackBerry.

It’s all about hyper-connectivity these days.  I can reach you in any one of nine different ways in about five seconds, so fuck you…I won’t……

……but I can.

I’m a Geek

I’m working on my people skills.