Decided to finally get out of that ugly ass design I had before, you know…this one.


And get into a design that was a little cleaner, a little easier to read, as well as easier to manage.  Please click through if you’re an RSS reader and tell me what you think.  I really do love WordPress.  And I love having my own domain.  I have complete control over all things, which is an outstanding thing for a control-freak like myself to have.  The move took a little time due to the customizations that I have (mainly for advertisers), but was well worth it.  I love the way things look now.

I’m finally taking advantage of Widgets, and I can’t believe I wasn’t doing it before.  Life is so much easier.  I’m really digging the Twitter Widget that you see on the upper right also.

When it comes to posting, I highly recommend that you give Windows Live Writer a shot.  It’s much easier than the built in editor in WordPress, and a snap to set up and use.

Nice to see Iggy make a deep run in The Main Event.  Congratulations man, you deserve it… you drunken dwarf.  It was fun tracking his progress through Twitter via Pauly, Gene and company.  Iggy, now you’ve learned your lesson with the JackAce, just like the rest of us.

I called up the Okie-Vegas crew tonight and participated in my first ever dial-a-shot.  Also made my reservation for next years party.  No way am I missing that one.

With Ultimate Bet having yet another, and apparently much more serious, scandal on their hands, and we all know the Absolute story, how long will it be before we hear of a cheating scam on PokerStars or Full Tilt?

I leave you with this exclusive shot of Waffles winning this week’s Riverchasers.