Won last night’s $5.50 10:45pm HORSE tourney…AGAIN, for the second time in two weeks.  This is getting to the point where I’m starting to think I might know how to play this game a little bit.

I skated into the final table by playing the bubble game.  I was lucky and won, but was the short stack.  Encouragement from my watchers kept me from doing anything too stupid, and before long, I was up to a workable stack, and could actually play something other than push or fold poker.

I entered headsup play with a 4/1 disadvantage, and decided to activate my Lucko powers, and use some luckbox/aggro methods to take the whole effin’ thing down.

Thanks to Tragedy and Joanada, who I was chatting with throughout most of my run to the title, and also to Zeem, who railed for a little bit as well.

Oh, and congrats to our man Tragedy for taking down The Mookie last night.  Welcome to the club good friend.

It was a good night.