A few of us had a last shorter bet the other night.  Whoever goes out earliest in The Ferguson, which is a nightly tournament that has a one dollar buyin, would be the winner.  Zeem, BuddyDank, Joanne, and a few others that I can’t remember right now played.

That particular night, the Ferguson was Limit HORSE… perfect for a last shorter bet.

I failed miserably at failing, and didn’t win the bet.

Funny thing was, that after trying so hard to lose for the first 10 minutes, I decided to turn it around and play it for real.

Granted, this wasn’t the toughest field out there, but I’m just a little bit proud of final tabling this thing.  Particularly after taking my starting stack of 1500 chips down to about 600 or so within the first ten minutes. 

For some reason, Lee Watkinson, a red FTP pro, was playing this tourney.  And I was seated with him at my initial table for the first hour of the tournament.  He played a few hands, and then was blinding off as I got moved to another table.

Zeem made a deep run in this thing as well, cashing for some miniscule amount.

So I ended up 5th of 412 runners, and cashed for a whopping $18.54.

Nothing big, but it was fun playing some of the split games with people that have absolutely no clue how they are played.

It was also fun chatting it up with Zeem during the tourney.  I gotta meet you in person someday man.