* Sit down at PC

* Fire up Full Tilt Poker

* Go take a piss

* Come back, only to find that FTP isn’t connecting

* Try again


* Fire up 2+2 to see what’s going on

* Read 25 pages of posts regarding FTP’s latest outage

* Write a Troll post to 2+2

* Fire up PokerStars

* Respond to people calling them out for their Troll post on 2+2

* Lose a buyin on Stars because they’re tilting from the responses of their responses on 2+2

* Write a fictional post on 2+2 saying they were at the final table of a large guarantee tourney on FTP, and wonder aloud what will happen with the payouts

* Lose another buyin on Stars

* Place a bet for a dime on the Tarheels on BoDog

* Watch the Jayhawks thump the Tarheels…
* Simultaneously losing three buyins on Stars

* Blame their tilt on the Tarheels

* Write another troll post on 2+2

* Rub one out to the latest Lindsay Lohan nude pictures

* Check 2+2 to see if FTP is up again

* FAIL…in life that is

This wasn’t the way my night went, but after looking at the posts on 2+2, I’m positive there’s someone out there who had a similar evening to the above description. Me…I enjoyed the basketball games, and relaxed.

Memphis is my pick -5 points…sorry Peaker.