Here’s the real Box-O-Wine story about BuddyDank.

One night, after one of our home game donkfests, Buddy needed a ride home, as his pussy wagon … Mustang was out of commission for some reason or another.

We get to his place, and start shooting the shit about poker, life, and anything else. This was shortly after the Vegas gathering, so I think we were talking about most of the rest of you in one fashion or another.

I downed the only beer Buddy had, and was thirsty for some more alcohol. Turns out, all he’s got left is a goddamn box of wine in the fridge. I shrug, head to the pisser to take a leak, and decide that you’ve got to make do with the liquor that is placed in front of you.

As I emerge from Buddy’s less than hygenic bathroom, I turn the corner into the kitchen, and see this…

BuddyDank and his favorite drink

I immediately yank the Box-O-Wine from Buddy, and yell…”Hey…that’s for guests!”, and proceeded to polish it off.

Then we talked about clothes and makeup for another hour before I decided to stumble out the door and get home before he tried to have buttsex with me.

Really, that’s how it happened.